2017 Fantasy Awards – 2018 NFL Divisional Playoffs Recap – Mailbag

2017 Fantasy Awards & 2018 NFL Divisional Playoffs

2017 Fantasy Awards!  2018 NFL Divisional Playoffs Recap, Listener Mailbag & Viral Video of the Week


On The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast this week:

The Flex! Fantasy Football Podcast  – The 2017 Fantasy Awards are announced!  The 2018 NFL Divisional Playoffs Recap & Championship Sunday Playoffs Preview.  Jeff Kelley is in the Poconos until the end of January.  Chris is flying solo today.  We kick things off today with reaction to the unbelievable walk-off win in the 2018 NFL Divisional Playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings.

Pittsburgh Steelers Safety, Mike Mitchell has been in the news of late.  Mitchell spoke to Sports Illustrated claiming no matter where they play the Patriots, they (the Steelers) were going to beat them.  Clearly, Mitchell overlooked the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Le’Veon Bell was looking a little too far into his crystal ball as well.  Chris offers his opinion on the 2018 NFL Divisional Playoffs matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars.

The 2017 Fantasy Awards:

The Poll results are in!  We present to you, in this episode, the 2017 Fantasy Awards from The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast.  The awards, as we call them, are known as, The Golden Brobes & The Golden Saks™

Todd Gurley & Alvin Kamara are the recipients of the majority of the 2017 Fantasy Awards.


The Mailbag has arrived!  We dive into the mailbag.  Of course, as always, there are definitely some interesting mailbag submissions from you guys.  Submit all Random Questions & Fantasy Questions to TheFlex@FantasySportsStudios.com or Questions@FantasySportsStudios.com

The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast New Segments Introduced-

Is it Gay?  Is it racist?  Physical Challenge/Mental Challenge and more are being introduced this offseason.  Of course, we always keep the drops fresh, as well.

One Thing of Note:  The Challenge Flag Update!

In case you think we forgot, we HAVEN’T!  We are STILL awaiting the Physical Challenge from Chris to determine the 2017 Fantasy Football Challenge Flag Winner!  In case you’ve forgot, and we wouldn’t blame you because it’s taken longer than the Pilgrims to arrive in America, Chris must throw a football over 60 yards.  If he doesn’t, Jeff will become the 2017 Fantasy Football Challenge Flag Champion.

Jeff has been out of town more than a dad with a secret family.  The weather has been unseasonably cold for South Florida.  And, Chris was sick last week.  WE WILL RESOLVE THIS ASAP!  Now, the loser is surely going to look stupid as hell taking on this punishment post-football season.

Looking ahead to 2018 –

For those who have already completed their 2017 Fantasy Football Season, it’s never too early to start preparing for League Dominance in 2018!

Fantasy Season Never Ends with The Flex!

The fantasy football season has come to an end for some of you.  Do not worry!  We will have an end of the year special coming out soon.  We will be looking ahead to 2018 and preview the NFL combine, “Stock Up, Stock Down.”

The Best Week 17 Best Fantasy Football Advice

Looking for the week 17 best fantasy football advice?  We got it! The Flex! Week 16 Fantasy Football Preview Show has the best Week 17 Fantasy Football Advice!  Nick Foles makes our list of QB’s you can trust for Week 17  Join Chris Jacques to preview Week 17.  If you would like to go back and listen to previous episodes, listen here.  Thanks for listening to The Flex! Fantasy Football Podcast.  The home of the best fantasy football advice!

In case you forgot (just kidding)

The matchups from this past weekend’s 2018 NFL Divisional Playoffs Matchups:

  • Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams
  • Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots
  • Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers
  • New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings

Some features of the The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast 2018 NFL Playoffs Edition & Offseason

Each and every episode, we run a theme for The Flex! Fantasy Football Podcast. (Hence the name, The Flex!)  This is how we got our name; by flexing out random topics to infuse in our fantasy football analysis.  This week’s theme (2017 Fantasy Awards & 2018 NFL Divisional Playoffs) will be fairly simple.  We will have the following this week:

  • The Ultimate Nostradamus!
  • Is it gay?
  • The Dynasty Format
  • Rank ‘EM
  • 10 Questions
  • Marry Bang Kill
  • Daily Plays of the Week!

We believe you don’t have to be bored as a mother fu@%3r to attain high-quality fantasy analysis.  No, sir.  You should take in your fantasy football advice the way the homeless take shits; dirty…and at times, uncomfortable.

Stay Informed with the Best Fantasy Football Advice from The Flex! Fantasy Football Podcast


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