2018 FINAL NFL Mock Draft and Fantasy Voice of God Interview

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2018 FINAL NFL Mock Draft and the Fantasy Voice of God – Kevin Casey

On this episode of The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast:

The Flex! Fantasy Football PodcastThe FIex 2018 FINAL NFL Mock Draft and Fantasy Voice of God Kevin Casey

April 25, 2018 – The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast is pleased to welcome the “Fantasy Voice of God” (Kevin Casey) to the show today.  Kevin Casey is a national radio personality and also hosts The Sports Spin, soon to be released on Fantasy Sports Studios Media.

Chris Jacques asks the Fantasy Voice of God 10 Questions.  The guys discuss all things pertaining to the 2018 NFL Draft.  Chris fires up the prediction machine on where he thinks some of the top skill-position players will end up and where each player fits best.

Recapping the 2018 NFL Mock Draft, Chris includes some 2018 NFL Draft Mock Trades in which the Arizona Cardinals and the Buffalo Bills both move up to select quarterbacks.

Kevin Casey shares some personal stories involving celebrities, such as, Gary Coleman, Bob Griese, and Brett Michaels of 80’s rock band, Poison.

Also, on the show:

The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast segments on the show this week include The Flex 2018 NFL Mock Draft.  Other segments on today’s show include Intrigued or Who Gives a Shit, The Fantasy Stock Market, and, of course, we answer 10 Questions. 


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Other Recent NFL News –

Willie Snead signs with the Baltimore Ravens.

Cleveland Browns are considering Baker Mayfield with number draft pick.

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