2019 Offseason Episode 4: NFL Draft, Dynasty Rookie Draft – Top 5 Racist

The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast - 2019 Offseason Episode 4: NFL Draft, Dynasty Rookie Draft - Top 5 Racist

2019 Offseason Episode 4: NFL Draft, Dynasty Rookie Draft – Top 5 Racist

The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast – 2019 Offseason Episode 4: NFL Draft, Dynasty Rookie Draft – Top 5 Racist

This episode was recorded on Wednesday.  Jeremy returns to the show.  The guys discuss some potential sleeper rookies out there for the upcoming 2019 Dynasty Rookie Drafts.

The NFL Draft is discussed as well.  Jeremy finally gives the okay to air what caused The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast hiatus late last offseason.  The show gets a little racist today, as they discuss the Kate Smith saga. 

There are a lot of great drops today.  We dive into the mailbag and answer a few questions.  Email the show to submit your questions.

Free Agency has come and gone.  A lot of big-name players have been moved, making it very interesting for the 2019 fantasy football season.  Chris Jacques is riding solo today, as Jeremy continues to waste time picking up trannies in gay bars.

Today, we’ve got everything you need to fill up your spank bank.  We ask, “Would You Rather…” and there’s a guest appearance by Chris’ youngest daughter who asks a couple of questions.  And, of course, we have the official The Flex Fantasy Football definition of ‘The Flying Elvis!’

Also on the Show:

Jeremy gets ripped worse than his ass in a sick game of hardcore S&M.  Chris defines the term, “The Flying Elvis” and we’ve got this week’s Mailbag.  All of this and more on this episode, 2019 Offseason Episode 3: Spank Bank, Would You Rather, The Flying Elvis Defined!

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2019 Offseason Episode 4: NFL Draft, Dynasty Rookie Draft – Top 5 Racist


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