40 Best Fantasy Football Team Names for 2017

40 Best Fantasy Football Team Names for 2017


Names are important. They’re carefully thought out when you’re preparing for the birth of a child, adopting a pet into your family, and of course, naming your fantasy football team. There are many things to consider when selecting a fantasy football team name.  A name with flair, comedic value, or a name projecting strength, are common choices for fantasy football team names.  There is one, MUST NOT, when it comes to naming your fantasy football team.  Do NOT name your team with an NFL player’s name when that player is not rostered on your fantasy football team.  It just comes off as lazy.


Here are the Top 40 Best Fantasy Football Team Names for 2017 (in no specific order)

1. Forte Inch Ditka

2. Long May He/She Reign (only applicable to reigning champs)

3. Golden Taints

4. Make AmariCarr Great Again

5. American Hoyer Story

6. My Johnson Is Burfict/My Hogan is Burfict

7. Maclin on your Gurley

8. Dumb KHunt

9. Need for Snead

10. Every Day I’m Russell’n

11. Dumb KHunts

12. YoungHoes KHunt

13. KHunt Wilfork the Hogan/Johnson

14. VaJay VAjayi

15. Siemian in Ertz KHunt

16. Dropping Upper Deckers

17. Younghoes Give Woodhead

18. Bros B4 Younghoes

19. Wentz KHunts

20. Can’t Reid or Wright

21. KHunt smells Fowler

22. Mahomes Younghoes

23. Younghoes Humphrey

24. White KHunt

25. Thielen Some TD’s

26. Wentz JPP on your Gurley

27. We Need Moore Younghoes

28. Demaryius Targaryen

29. Here today, gone Aguayo

30. Jerry Jones’ Diary

31. Your Team is Fowler

32. Honey Funchess of Oats

33. This One’s for Mahomes

34. Trust the Prosise

35. Abdullah Amendola

36. Baby Got Dak

37. Dak that Ass Up

38. Knockin’ On Evans’ Door

39. Stairway to Evans

40. The Fantasy Juliocaust


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