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Fantasy Sports Studios: Fantasy Football Starts and Sits

Fantasy Sports Studios Fantasy Football Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em provides the best fantasy advice each week.   We post a list of players from each position to help you make those tough decisions for starts and sits for the current week.  Of course, you’re going to start your studs.  We aren’t going to have guys like Antonio Brown or Tom Brady on this list.  But if you’ve got some tough lineup decisions, our fantasy football starts and sits are an excellent tool to make those decisions a little easier.

Here are the latest Fantasy Football Starts and Sits

Week 14 Fantasy Football Starts and Sits


Fantasy Football Starts and Sits Breakdown:

In our Fantasy Football Sits List, you will find the names of many, typically startable, players.  The Sits are not necessarily players you must sit, but players that you should have lower expectations for.  For example, let’s say the Denver Broncos were playing the Oakland Raiders this week.  Michael Crabtree, solid WR2, will most-likely make our Sits List.  You may have no other choice but to start him, based on your roster construction, but if you decide to play him, you shouldn’t expect more than 8-10 fantasy points (PPR scoring).  So, some of these guys are still “startable” but will underperform their usual expectations.


Fantasy Football Sits:

Where else can you find the best Fantasy Football Starts and Sits each week?

Listen to “The Flex! Fantasy Football Podcast” for additional start and sit content.  The Friday Fantasy Football Preview Show offers in-depth analysis on fantasy football starts and sits for the given week.  Chris Jacques, a former sports writer and 19-year fantasy football veteran, and Jeff Kelley, a professional poker player with 15-years of fantasy football analysis are pioneers leading the revolution of an outside-of-the-box format for fantasy football entertainment.  Not only do they provide outstanding fantasy football analysis and insight but do it with an edge.  This is definitely NOT your traditional boring-ass fantasy football podcast.  You’re sure to be entertained

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