TRADE DEADLINE: Fantasy Football Trade Targets – Buy Low/Sell High

Fantasy Football Trade Targets:

Buy Low and Sell High


Week 11 of the Fantasy Football season is already here.  And of course, this means the Fantasy Football Playoffs are just 2-3 weeks away!  Where the hell has time gone?  Every year, it seems the fantasy football season passes just as soon as it arrives.  And when it comes to a close, it feels as though 10 years have passed before we enter a new season.  Winter is coming, my friends.  If you want to enjoy this offseason and rejoice with victory, well, you should listen to The Flex! but you should also check-in with to stay informed and ahead of the competition all season long.  Enough with the BS.  Let’s get to the Home Stretch Fantasy Football Trade Targets for 2017



  •  Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers – Rivers is, currently, the number 15 QB in fantasy.  He is someone that you can pick up off of the waiver wire or acquire for next-to-nothing, like Eddie Lacy – or a hot-flaming bag of dog shit would be of equal comparison.  Rivers has an excellent fantasy football playoff schedule and should be on your radar.
  • Grade: QB1
  • AFP: 19.8 

Running Back

  • Dion Lewis, New England Patriots – Lewis, an undersized running back, has, nonetheless, emerged from the crowded Patriots backfield to lay claim to the feature running-back role – the LeGarrette Blount role, if you will.  Over the past three games, Lewis has averaged 14 carries a game.  The Patriots have one of the most favorable schedules against run defenses the rest of the season and Lewis could be a huge asset down the stretch on a good offense.
  • Grade: RB2
  • AFP: 13.7


Wide Receiver

  • Jeremy Maclin, Baltimore Ravens – Maclin has quietly performed fairly well of late and is a player with high upside flying under the radar.  Five of the next six Ravens’ opponents have mediocre-to-terrible pass defenses and I think that bodes very well for teams looking to add a solid WR2 with WR1 upside.  Grade: WR2
  • Grade: WR2
  • AFP: 15.6


Tight End

  • Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins – Reed is an elite NFL and Fantasy Football Tight End.  However, he has more trouble staying on the field than Josh Gordon.  Once again, Reed’s health has been a concern for fantasy football owners and because of this, he should be available for less than equal value.  I believe in Reed’s talent and it appears he will be good to go down the stretch.
  • Grade: TE1
  • AFP: 17.2



  • Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens – Yes, the Cleveland Browns of all teams make the list of targets.  They have, arguably, the best fantasy football playoff matchups.  The Ravens also have great playoff matchups.  Both should be available on waivers and if you’ve been bogged down by the Houston Texans or highly0overrated Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense, either one would suffice down the stretch.
  • Grade: DEF1
  • AFP: 7.0





  • Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams – Despite posting great numbers, especially as of late, the second-year quarterback should not be trusted to carry your fantasy football team to glory in 2017.
  • Grade: QB2
  • AFP: 15.6


Running Back

  • Melvin Gordon, Los Angeles Chargers – Gordon, up to this point, is the fifth-best running back in fantasy football.  The last two games he has struggled to find the open lanes.  His teammate, Austin Ekeler, appears to be carving out a defined role for himself and that doesn’t bode well for Gordon going forward.
  • The Solution:  Trade Gordon for a needed piece to your roster and pick up or trade for Dion Lewis.  The production should be similar but if you can maintain the running back production and add a valuable piece, it’s a no-brainer.
  • Grade: RB2
  • AFP: 13.2


Wide Receiver

  • Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints – Coming off of his first 100-yard performance of 2017, for the most part, Thomas has been a fantasy football disappointment.  The New Orleans Saints have a new identity: running the football and ball control.
  • The Solution:  Trade Thomas now and fill a position of need.  Patriots WR, Chris Hogan is due to return and prior to Hogan’s injury, was a fantasy football stud.  Try to work a 2-4-1 deal in which you can acquire a WR2, which Thomas will be, and another position of need.  Miami Dolphins WR, DeVante Parker would be another viable replacement.
  • Grade: WR2
  • AFP: 14.5


Tight End

  • No one – There really isn’t a Tight End option worth selling high on.  There is such a far gap from the top tier of Tight Ends to the next tier.  Consistency is a great asset to have at a position that lacks it.  Check the waiver wire to see if Greg Olsen, Jordan Reed, or even Martellus Bennett are available.  Reed and Olsen should return to the upper-echelon of Tight Ends, and Bennett should be a decent streamer.
  • Grade: N/A
  • AFP: N/A


This concludes the Week 11 list of Fantasy Football Trade Targets.  There are no Defenses to discuss as sell-high options.  Stay tuned for this week’s Waiver-Wire Adds, Daily Plays of the Week, Starts & Sits, and more at

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