Fantasy Sports News for June 25, 2018 Top 10 Dynasty League Rookie Draft Targets, Jameis Winston Julian Edelman and MLB News

Lebron Free Agency Rumors, Julian Edelman Mark Ingram ADP, 5 Fantasy Baseball Players on the Rise

The Wire – Fantasy Sports News Podcast 06/25/18

2018 Top 10 Dynasty League Rookie Draft Targets & Other News

Fantasy Sports News for the week of June 25, 2018 – 2018 Top 10 Dynasty League Rookie Draft Targets

Fantasy Football News:

It’s that time of year and, of course, 2018 Fantasy Football Dynasty League Rookie Drafts are in full swing.  Today, we present the 2018 Top 10 Dynasty League Rookie Draft Targets.

Julian Edelman begins the appeal process today.  Edelman is fighting his four-game suspension due to PED use.

Jameis Winston is expected to be suspended several games for his involvement in an incident involving an Uber driver. We take a look at the impact of the impending suspension.

Fantasy Baseball:

The Red Sox and Yankees have been the top two teams in the American League. Who would’ve thought, just three months ago, J.D. Martinez would be this much better than Giancarlo Stanton?

Previous Fantasy Sports News:

Lebron James’ Free Agency Rumors continue to float around the airwaves.  Where will the King land?  Julian Edelman and Mark Ingram are both suspended the first month of the season.  Their Average Draft Position is currently, at Round 7.  For all you Fantasy Baseball Players out there, we give you 5 Fantasy Baseball Players on the Rise.

NBA News:

Lebron Free Agency rumors are beings spread like wildfire.  Where is the likely destination for the Chosen One?

NFL News:

Carolina Panthers Head Coach, Ron Rivera, takes a gamble on Christian McCaffrey.  Rivera hopes to give McCaffrey 200 carries in 2018.

Are Julian Edelman and Mark Ingram worth the risk  Will one, both, or neither be worth the fantasy draft capital for 2018 Fantasy Football Drafts?

Both Julian Edelman Mark Ingram will be suspended for the first four games of the 2018 NFL season. Where should you target them in 2018 Fantasy Football Drafts?  Find out now!

MLB News:

“5 Up – Who’s on the Rise” Fantasy Sports Analysts, Chris Jacques, gives you the latest hot-name Fantasy Baseball players out there.  Five guys to target for both Daily Fantasy Baseball and Season-Long Fantasy Baseball.

Show Info:

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The tiers of the NBA and how any team that doesn’t have LeBron on it isn’t even close to beating the Warriors. If LeBron chooses loyalty and stays in Cleveland then we are watching his last NBA Finals appearance. Plus, why players dislike Steph Curry and where LeBron is heading next season.


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2018 Top 10 Dynasty League Rookie Draft Targets


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