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What is The Flex! Fantasy Football Podcast Flog?  It is our Fantasy Football Blog.  It is a basic blog and a video blog.  Basically, it’s everything related to the show rolled into one.  Here, you will find the latest video blog posts, fantasy-related thoughts, unrelated thoughts, and updates.


fantasy football blog, flog, video blog, the flex fantasy football podcastDecember 31, 2017 – Happy New Year from everyone at The Flex! Fantasy Football Podcast!

Happy New Year, everybody.  Week 17 saw a wild finish!  Congratulations to the Buffalo Bills for making the postseason.  Most importantly, congratulations to everyone out there who completed the journey and stood tall on the final Championship Sunday of 2017!  Let us hear your victory stories, as well as, your defeats.  We will be back with a new episode this week!  Stay Tuned! – The Flex!




Navigating through the Flog (Fantasy Football Blog)

The Flog (Fantasy Football Blog) posts will have attributes on the left-hand side as to which post type the flog is.  For example, for a video blog will show a symbol of a Youtube logo or other video blog identifier.  There will be a link to a video to view the video blog if the video, itself, is not embedded into the post.

As for a basic blog, there will be a word bubble displayed next to the post.

And, of course, The Flex! logo will be displayed for posts that are related to fantasy football news.  The logo will also be placed next to any post that is related to the show.  When you see the logo, you will know the flog is fantasy related.



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