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05.07.18 – Jason Witten – Peter King – NBA Playoffs

Jason Witten moving to the booth

Now that Jason Witten has officially retired from the NFL, it is confirmed he will be transitioning into the broadcast booth.  Witten is heading to join the cast of ESPN’s Monday Night Football.  Witten will replace former color-commentator, Jon Gruden.  Kevin Casey and Vince Brown give their take on the addition of Witten and how he will complement Sean McDonough.

Bruce Arians following Jason Witten

Bruce Arians, like Jason Witten, is also transitioning from the NFL to the broadcast booth.  Arians to partner with the longtime-broadcast veteran, Greg Gumbel.

Peter King and Other News

Sports Illustrated Superstar, Peter King, says he is going “all-in” with NBC.

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers continue to roll through round two of the NBA playoffs.

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