Week 11 Fantasy Recap & Week 12 Waiver Wire Targets

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The Flex! – Fantasy Football Podcast

Fantasy Football Week 11 NFL Recap & Fantasy Football Week 12 Waiver Wire Targets & Week 12 Mailbag


On the show, today:

The Flex! Week 11 Fantasy Football Recap Show. We break down all of Week 11 NFL action.  A lot of your Mailbag submissions came in and we answer all of your mailbag questions for Week 12.  Keep the mailbag rolling in and we’ll continue to answer them throughout the week.  Most importantly, for Week 12, we give you the keys to the game and, of course, we give you guys our Waiver Wire Targets and Adds for Week 12.  We present our takeaways, recaps, and winners and losers of Fantasy Football Week 11.  And, of course, we have some Mailbag Questions to get to, as well, did I mention mailbag?  We have mailbag for Fantasy Football Week 12.

Fantasy Football Week 11 Recap Highlights:

We have a great program lineup we’re putting out this week.  We introduce a few new show segments: Bed Shitters and Home Run Hitters, Burned, and True or False.  Chris’ Call of the Week was Adam Shaheen.  Jeff’s Call of the Week was Jarvis Landry.  Stars of the Week and Busts of the Week are on full display today.

Fantasy Football Week 12 Waiver Wire Targets:

Kelvin Benjamin, Chris Thompson, and D’Onta Foreman all suffered injuries on Sunday.  Who can you drop?  We have a few noteworthy names to throw out there.

Unfortunately, during today’s show, we learned the tragic passing of former Patriots and Cowboys Wide Receiver, Terry Glenn.

Wednesday we will have the Fantasy Football Week 12 Preview Show.

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Just a reminder, Fantasy Football Week 12 Mailbag and Fantasy Football Week 12 Waiver Wire Targets are in this episode.  So good luck on the Week 11 Waiver Wire and we’ll be back Wednesday with our Fantasy Football Trade Deadline Special!

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We want to give all of our listeners a big shout out and thank you for supporting the show.  In this short time, we continue to grow our audience each week.  There is a new prize-pack trivia coming out soon.  Thank you for listening to the fastest-growing fantasy football podcast.  We strive to be different because variety is what keeps it interesting and entertaining!

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10.09.17 – NFL Week 5 Fantasy Recap, Waiver-Wire Targets, Closing Rant

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The Flex!

Fantasy Football Podcast

Week 5 Fantasy Recap, Week 6 Waiver-Wire Targets & Closing Rant


On the show, today:  Recapping Week 5 of Fantasy football.   First of all, we have the waiver-wire targets for NFL Week 6.  We preview Monday night’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears.  Also, who do you like better, Thielen or Diggs?  A Challenge Flag is thrown.  Chris has a closing rant on today’s show.  Of course, we hit on the latest NFL news and the Sunday that was that will now be known as Black Sunday!  Odell Beckham, Jr., is officially placed on Injured Reserve ending his 2017 season with a nasty leg injury.  Most importantly, we give you the third, and final, prize pack trivia question for this week’s prize-pack trivia.  The prize pack for this week includes a DeShaun Watson jersey and The Flex! Fan Kit, which includes hat, t-shirt, and window decal.

We will have a show later in the week to preview Week 6.  Most likely, we’ll have some clarity by then involving the latest injured fantasy players on your roster as well.

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