The Flex! – Takeaways from Week 3 of NFL Preseason, Injury News, Out of Bounds

The Flex!

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Fantasy Football Takeaways from NFL Preseason Week 3, NFL Injuries & News –

We’re talking takeaways, takeaways, takeaways from NFL Preseason Week 3!  Jeff is on vacation…again.  So, we have the Sunshine-State Heavy Weight, Big Worm on the show today.  We present our takeaways from Week 3 of NFL Preseason.  In our takeaways today, we hit on some sleepers and a few busts.  The guys also mention some players that are rising and falling up and down our rankings.  Of course, we dive into the latest injuries around the NFL, including Julian Edelman, Cam Meredith, and Spencer Ware, and what impact these injuries will have on their respective teams and your fantasy team, as well.

Chris makes a BOLD prediction about Tennessee Titans Running Back, Derrick Henry and he also makes a very interesting claim about Houston Texans Running Back, Lamar Miller.  Finally, Big Worm apparently had trouble staying on two feet in his younger days.  Chris tells a story about a close call with an STD and why his ass was, at one time, reminiscent of a bear’s ass.

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