Fantasy Football Week 7 Recap and Week 8 Waiver Wire Adds


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NFL Week 7 Fantasy Football Recap Show


On the show, today:

Fantasy Football: Halloween is next weekend.  In the spirit of Halloween, we answer some of your Halloween-themed mailbag questions.  But first…

NFL Week 7 Recap & Week 8 Fantasy Waiver Wire:

NFL Week 7 is in the books.  No doubt, this past NFL Sunday was an odd one, to say the least; one that saw many dud performances in Week 7.  Jeff returns to the show today following shoulder surgery late last week.  We kick things off with the recent onslaught of NFL injuries.  The injuries sustained across the NFL through the first six weeks have been nothing short of an American Horror Story.

Next, we dive into a recap of Chris’ Week 7 fantasy predictions from last week’s preview show.  Aaron Jones was, by far, Chris’ best call of the week.  Andy Dalton joins the ranks of full retard on what can only be described as a “what the hell” type of move involving a fourth-down play against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Also, The Walking Dead returned Sunday night, and so did Latavius Murray.  Adrian Peterson remembers he is 32-years-old.  Rankings are on full display.  Chris and Jeff recap some of their BOLD Predictions from Week 7.  Of course, we answer mailbag questions from our awesome listeners.  We give you our top 5 Week 8 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Targets, as well as, players to be dropped from your roster.

Also, the guys discuss some of their greatest pranks and Halloween memories.

We want to give all of our listeners a big shout out and thank you for supporting the show.  In this short time, we continue to grow our audience each week.  We have new prize-pack trivia coming out soon.  Last week’s winner will be drawn during the Week 8 Fantasy Preview Show.  Thank you for listening to the fastest-growing fantasy football podcast.  We strive to be different because variety is what keeps it interesting and entertaining!

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10.09.17 – NFL Week 5 Fantasy Recap, Waiver-Wire Targets, Closing Rant

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The Flex!

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Week 5 Fantasy Recap, Week 6 Waiver-Wire Targets & Closing Rant


On the show, today:  Recapping Week 5 of Fantasy football.   First of all, we have the waiver-wire targets for NFL Week 6.  We preview Monday night’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears.  Also, who do you like better, Thielen or Diggs?  A Challenge Flag is thrown.  Chris has a closing rant on today’s show.  Of course, we hit on the latest NFL news and the Sunday that was that will now be known as Black Sunday!  Odell Beckham, Jr., is officially placed on Injured Reserve ending his 2017 season with a nasty leg injury.  Most importantly, we give you the third, and final, prize pack trivia question for this week’s prize-pack trivia.  The prize pack for this week includes a DeShaun Watson jersey and The Flex! Fan Kit, which includes hat, t-shirt, and window decal.

We will have a show later in the week to preview Week 6.  Most likely, we’ll have some clarity by then involving the latest injured fantasy players on your roster as well.

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