10.31.17 Week 8 Recap & Week 9 Waiver Wire Targets

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NFL Week 8 Fantasy Football Recap Show


On the show, today:

Fantasy Football:  We’ve got an extra-long, jam-packed show for you guys today.  Of course, we recap the weekend that was NFL Week 8.  And it’s never too early to discuss Waiver Wire Targets!  Chris and Jeff offer up their favorite group of Week 9 Waiver Wire Targets.  The Ezekiel Elliott suspension was announced (again) at the conclusion of this show.  As a result of the Zeke news, Rod Smith needs to be added in all leagues THIS WEEK!  In addition, Jimmy Garoppolo was traded from New England to San Francisco late last night.

Week 8 Fantasy Recap:

It was a rough weekend for fantasy quarterbacks.  TY Hilton was a huge disappointment.  Marlon Mack is pushing Frank Gore into a Senior Living Retirement Facility.  Most importantly, we saw the best game so far for 2017 between the Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans.  The Seahawks and Texans just put on an absolutely amazing performance in Seattle on Sunday.  DeShaun Watson continues to impress football enthusiasts everywhere and continues to prove disbelievers wrong.  Russell Wilson has emerged as a top 5 fantasy quarterback.

Other takeaways from Week 8:

New England’s defense has improved dramatically over the past two weeks.  Matt Ryan and the Falcons continue to look out of rhythm.  Pittsburgh keeps rolling.  Despite not having a big name on the defense, the Bills are for real.   Jeff says the Bills will take a wild-card spot.

There are a lot of waiver wire targets this week.  We’ve got some of the top Wide Receiver targets for Week 9, as well as, top running backs.  And Jimmy G is a must add and needs to be added this week.  Listen to Friday’s Week 9 Fantasy Preview Show to hear how the guys think this move impacts the 49ers offense.


We have received some awesome mailbag questions for Week 9.  And of course, we’ll hit on those mailbag questions.  Thank you guys for continuing to submit your mailbag questions to the show.  We try to answer all mailbag questions sent into the show.    Also, we review our 5 Bold Predictions for Week 8.  This NFL season has been anything but predictable from week to week.  Chris provides some valuable insight on fantasy forecasting going forward.  The Legion of Boom is officially dead.  Funeral arrangements are underway.  The service will be held during the Week 9 Fantasy Preview show later this week.

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We always give all of our listeners a big shout out and thank you, again, for supporting the show.  In this short time, we continue to grow our audience each week.  We have new prize-pack trivia coming out soon.  Congratulations to last week’s winner, Matt Hand.  Thank you for listening to the fastest-growing fantasy football podcast.  We strive to be different because variety is what keeps it interesting and entertaining!

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Fantasy Football Week 3 Preview

The Flex!

Fantasy Football Podcast


Fantasy Football Week 3 Preview – NFL Injury News & Analysis from Chris Jacques and Fantasy Sports Studios’ Fantasy Sports Beat Writer/Columnist & Analyst, Kevin Price

The Fantasy Football Week 3 Preview from Chris Jacques & Kevin Price.  Kevin, Fantasy Sports Studios’ Fantasy Beat Writer, joins the show from New York as he prepares for the Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets matchup Sunday afternoon.  Topics of note today:  We discuss the latest injury news plaguing the NFL.  What the hell happened to the depth at the tight end position?  And of course, we provide our gameday previews in-depth, as well as outlook, and more on an EXTENSIVE two-and-a-half-hour Fantasy Football Week 3 Preview Special.  For those unfamiliar with Kevin on air, his commentary is a bit colorful, yet insightful.  We apologize in advance for some of the four-letter words used in today’s episode.  Chris introduces Kevin to The Flex! audience on a more personal level.

Also on the show…

Kevin discusses his days at the University of Alabama and playing Beer Pong with Tennessee Titans Running Back, Derrick Henry.   Henry’s Beer Pong beer of choice was what you’d expect a beer pong beer to be.  However, his choice of clothing was unexpected, but when you’re Derrick Henry, you could pull off a pink tank top and cut-off jean shorts and no one would have a bad thing to say about it, to his face at least.

Chris also mentions an interesting wedding he and Kevin attended.  At the wedding, the family of the bride is gathering the wedding party together for pictures.  Kevin is nowhere to be found.  Then, moments later, Kevin and a bridesmaid were caught in the act…well, you’ll just have to listen.

And most importantly, for the sports gamblers out there, Chris gives you his game picks of the week.  View the full list of Daily Fantasy Sports Plays of the Week and of course, the Featured Bets of the Week, each week at http://FantasySportsStudios.com

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