The Flex! Fantasy Football Podcast

   The Flex!  Fantasy Football Podcast

“The Best Fantasy Football Advice from the Best Fantasy Football Podcast!” – Dave R.

Welcome to the official landing page of The Flex! Fantasy Football Podcast!  Where can you find the best fantasy football podcast?  Who has the best fantasy football advice?  Right Here!  You will find the latest posts, show notes, trivia questions, videos, and all links to The Flex! Fantasy Football Podcast.  




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  • The Mailbag! – Have a question?  Looking for advice on who to start this week?  Is it gay?  Would you rather?  Whether your question is fantasy-related or otherwise, visit “The Mailbag” to ask away.
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Things you may not know but should.

Do you enjoy the variety of show segments?  Show segments such as, Beer-Goggle Picks, Bed Shitters & Home Run HItters, among others.  Well, trust me.  You have, realistically, only heard approximately 5% of the show segments we currently have in our segment bank.  We’re always bringing you fresh content.  You can expect many more show segments to be introduced each month on the best fantasy football podcast providing the best fantasy football advice.

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