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The Spin Off - Movie Trivia, Sports Trivia, Food for Thought

The Spin Off – First Boobs, First Time, Other BS

Welcome to The Spin-Off.  Join Chris Jacques and Jeremy Chatterton every week to have a few laughs, play a little trivia, and hear some incredibly awkward stories.  Chris and Jeremy’s friendship dates back to more than a decade.  The stories they can tell will have you dumbfounded – pun intended.

The Spin-Off was created to be the release of the everyday man or woman who needs to de-stress, unwind, and laugh their asses off.  We love to engage with listeners.  If you would like to be apart of the show, email us at


Looking for the latest movie reviews?  We’ve got ’em coming.  Do you like to revisit the greatest moments in cinema?  We’ve got it covered.


New album releases? We’ll hit on it.  What are some of the greatest songs over the past 20 years? We’ll weigh in.


Do you like random-ass questions?  So do we.  Listen as the guys try to stump each other on some of the most outrageous questions you will ever hear.

News/Current Events:

And, of course, we discuss the latest and most current events happening around the globe.

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We want to give all of our listeners a big shout out and thank you for supporting the show.  We strive to be different because variety is what keeps it interesting and entertaining!

Also, we want to thank you and continue to encourage you to keep sending in your email questions.  Keep your emails coming!  The engagement we have with you guys is what gives us the most joy in doing this little show talking every-day life.  You guys are definitely a big part of the show!

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