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Fantasy Football Week 14 Starts and Sits

Fantasy Football Week 14 Starts and Sits

Having trouble deciding who to play for the biggest game of the year?  We’ve got our picks for Fantasy Football Week 14 Starts and Sits!

Each week we give you a list of players from each position to start and, not necessarily sit, but some big name guys that might shit the bed big time for the current week.  This list is especially helpful for those enduring the struggle of Bye Weeks.  Now, obviously, you’re going to start your studs. The key thing to remember, don’t get cute!  (unless you need a hail mary to pull out the win this week) but if you’re debating on who to start or sit each week, we’ve got you covered.  Listen to “The Flex!” for additional start and sit content and other great fantasy football insight provided by two of the best fantasy analysts in the industry.  Below, are your Fantasy Football Week 14 Starts & Sits

Let’s get to it!

Fantasy Football Week 14 Starts

Fantasy Football Week 14 Sits (Poor Performers)


Fantasy Sports Studios is the HOME of Fantasy and Sports Analysis.  Check back every week for all of the latest Fantasy Football News and Analysis.   In addition to the Daily Plays of the Week, we also provide these weekly features.

Weekly Key Features include:

For podcast enthusiasts, Listen to The Flex! Fantasy Football Podcast each week.  First of all, while it is a fantasy football podcast, in addition to fantasy football, we hit on many topics.  Topics consist of pop culture, news, and personal experiences.  This is not your typical, ordinary fantasy football podcast.  We go in-depth on starts and sits for the week and more.  Check it out!  The Flex is available on every major-broadcasting platform.

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