Week 5 Players to Add, Week 4 Recap, Burning Questions, Punishment Announced!


The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast - Week 5 Players to Add, Week 4 Recap, Burning Questions, Mailbag

Week 5 Players to Add, Week 4 Recap, Burning Questions, Punishment Announced!

On this episode of The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast:

The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast – Week 5 Players to Add, Week 4 Recap, Burning Questions, Mailbag

Some great calls for Breakout Players in Week 4 fantasy football came through.  The Patriots bounced back in a big way. The NFL has a serious officiating problem.  And Calvin Ridley is a touchdown-scoring machine! The guys open up the show with their Takeaways from Week 4.  The possibility of Le’Veon Bell returning to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 4.  Sony Michel and Tarik Cohen breakout and more.

Waiver-Wire Targets

And, of course, waiver-wire targets are unleashed in this episode. John Brown and DeDe Westbrook lead the way in the Week 5 Waiver-Wire Targets. We’ve got all the Week 5 Players to Add in this episode.

Bedshitters & Homerun Hitters

We’ve got Five Up and Five Down from this past week’s action, as well as fantasy football players you need to target via trade.

Also on the Show

This week’s recap show, we’ve got Burning Questions, Mailbag, and more.

Week 5 Waiver-Wire Targets – Week 5 Players to Add

Thursday morning we will release the 2018 Fantasy Football Week 1 Preview Show. Chris and Jeremy are on the call for Week 4, as Jeff Kelley has yet to show up this week.


Most importantly, continue to send your Mailbag Questions to TheFlex@FantasySportsStudios.com. We crack open the mailbag today. Chris saves a few of his answers for the next show, which is sure to be special.

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If you haven’t seen Chris’ dress punishment from last year’s challenge flags, visit this link here.

Episode Tags:

Week 5 Players to Add, Week 4 Recap, Burning Questions, Mailbag


Of course, it’s Fantasy Football’s version of Christmas, Channukah, Kwanza, or whatever you celebrate, it’s Draft Season! The big question we have received a lot, lately, has been, “Which Draft Position is Best this Year?”

The Week 1 Fantasy Football Kickoff Special – Season-Long Predictions for 2018 will be released next week. In this episode, we will participate in five separate mock drafts, drafting from each position (6-10). At the conclusion of each, we will recap our team rosters and decide which draft position seems best.

2018 Fantasy Football PPR Mock Draft Format:

Our 2018 Fantasy Football PPR Mock Draft format will consist of the following:

  • Full-Point PPR Mock Draft
  • 10-Team PPR Mock Draft
  • 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE) 1 DEF, 1 K, and 6 Bench

Chris will draft from picks 6 and 9. Jeff will draft from picks 8 and pick 10.

Also, on the Show:

Week 5 Fantasy Football Kickoff Special – Season-Long Predictions for 2018

We’re in the thick of the NFL Preseason. And because of this, we serve up our:

  • 10 Fantasy Football Players on the Rise
  • Fantasy Football Players Falling Hard
  • The Mixed Bag: 10 Players who need to show some consistency in NFL Preseason Week 3.

Later this Week:

Next episode, we will participate in Part Two of our Two-Part series: The 2018 Ultimate Fantasy Football PPR Mock Draft. Later this week, we will pick from draft positions 6-10 and make our ultimate fantasy football PPR mock draft position for 2018.


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