Who has the Best Fantasy Football Podcast?

Looking for the Best Fantasy Football Podcast to suit you?

Today, there are literally hundreds of fantasy football podcasts available to fantasy football consumers.  Most likely, you have browsed through several podcasting platforms or search engines in search of the one fantasy football podcast that provides an in-depth knowledge of fantasy football presented in the most entertaining fashion.  Oftentimes, you’re left with disappointment or the show becomes stale after awhile.  We will help answer the ever-elusive question:  Who has the best fantasy football podcast?

How do you know which fantasy football podcast is right for you?

The most common search terms when it comes to seeking quality fantasy football entertainment are:

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While these search terms are effective in directing you towards fantasy football content, they’re also, fairly, basic.  But the search is over!  We’ve developed a rating system that breaks down quality, style, accuracy, innovation, and comedic content.

We take a look at some of the best fantasy football podcasts and break them down by the qualities listed above, as well as episode frequency and other unique program characteristics.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fantasy football podcasts

It is never too early to prepare for the upcoming fantasy football season.  Fantasy Football domination is something we all strive for each spring when the first mock drafts are released.  For both the most avid of podcast listeners and the first-timers, these are some of the best fantasy football podcasts out there, today. From the big market, corporate fantasy football programs like ESPN and CBS Sports, to independent shows like The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast, Fantasy Footballers, and Her Fantasy Football, to daily fantasy-specific podcasts, there are plenty of options to provide you with great fantasy football advice and insight as you prepare for your league. Check them out and subscribe via the links in the descriptions.


Let’s Rate the Best Fantasy Football Podcasts for 2018


CBS Sports’ Fantasy Football Today Podcast

Host, and seeming aspiring comic, Adam Aizer tees up “some combination of Dave (Richard), Jamey (Eisenberg) and Heath (Cummings) for some fantasy football talk.  More often than not, Adam asks the guys questions pertaining to current NFL news and rumors to gain the guys’ insight on what the fantasy impact will be.

Recurring show segments include Grade the Trade, and Start or Sit, in which the guys separate the AFC and NFC weekend previews on Thursdays and Fridays, respectively.  When they read the mailbag they often are referred to as a foursome of random pop-culture foursomes.  Click to learn more or to subscribe.

Rating: 4.25/5.0


The Daily Fantasy Edge Podcast

The official Daily Fantasy Football podcast presented by DraftKings. The Edge is a joint effort from three of the most highly-regarded voices in daily fantasy to comb through each week of NFL action. Peter Jennings is the top daily fantasy player on the planet, Al Zeidenfeld was Player of the Year in the 2013 Tournament and Adam Levitan is a very well-respected writer in the DFS industry. Put them together and what you get is a leading source of information for anyone looking to win in DFS. Click to learn more or to subscribe.

Rating: 3.8/5.0


ESPN Fantasy Focus Football Podcast

Fantasy experts Matthew Berry (aka TMR, Talented Mr. Roto), Field Yates and Stephania Bell join forces for a podcast put together by ESPN, one of the most popular sites for leagues, draft prep and more. Berry (a New York Times best-selling author of Fantasy Life), Yates (former employee of the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots) and Bell (physical therapist who also serves as ESPN injury analyst) bring unique perspectives that combine for a well-rounded, informative podcast that will highlight all the important components of the fantasy spectrum. Click to learn more or to subscribe.

Rating: 4.25/5.0


The Flex! Fantasy Football Podcast

The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast is considered one of the most entertaining, freshest fantasy football podcasts available today.  These guys are always developing creativity in all aspects of fantasy football media.  With a combined 32 years of fantasy football experience, Chris Jacques, a former Sports Writer and ESPN personality; and Jeff Kelley, a Professional Poker Player, provide innovative ways to provide the best fantasy insight, pre-draft analysis, in-season strategy and more!  With popular show segments such as Nostradamus or Nostra-Dumbass, Beer-Goggle Picks, and Bed Shitters and Home Run Hitters, these guys will have you laughing all the way to Fantasy Football Glory!  Click to learn more or to subscribe

Rating: 4.75/5.0


The Fantasy Footballers Podcast

The three-man Fantasy Footballer Podcast debuted in 2014 and has seen incredible growth in that span. In 2016, the podcast won four Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) awards and was nominated by the Academy of Podcasters for “Best Sports Podcast” of the year, while also ranking as the top-rated fantasy sports podcast in iTunes. Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” Wright strive to bring together a strategic outlook on fantasy, combined with tips and tricks on preparation and in-season adjustments, all the while keeping the conversation light and full of humor. As an independent podcast, the show is driven entirely by community support and advertising. Click to learn moreor to subscribe.

Rating: 4.7/5.0


FantasyLabs Podcasts

Join host Matthew Freedman for a series of discussions on a variety of daily fantasy topics. The Daily Fantasy Sports Roundtable bring in guest panels who provide commentary on advanced strategy, lineup construction and optimization, and new daily fantasy trends to watch in the future. The FantasyLabs Podcast provides insight on game theory, as well as interviews with guests and DFS experts. The Daily Fantasy Flex takes a look at the sports landscape as a whole, giving tips on the slate of games coming up and what matchups to keep an eye on. Click to learn more or to subscribe.

Rating: 3.5/5.0


FantasyPros Podcast

FantasyPros is at the forefront in providing fantasy players with great information and useful tools in-season and pre-draft.  Bobby Sylvester and Mike Tagliere host the flagship podcast of FantasyPros.com.   Whether it’s offering advice on who to choose off of the waiver wire, the guy on the bench that should start for your team, or answering mailbag submissions from listeners, FantasyPros provides their analysis to listeners of the program. Click to learn more or to subscribe.

Rating: 4.15/5.0

FootballGuys.com – The Audible

Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom discuss the latest NFL news, as well as touching on some fantasy questions surrounding teams. The FantasyGuys staff have been around for years now.  This fantasy football podcast is a nice place to keep track of your favorite players and team updates. Click to learn more or to subscribe.

Rating: 3.75/5.0

Her Fantasy Football Podcast

The roots of this fantasy football podcast stem from football talk at the dinner table.  These awesome ladies tabled their dinner conversation and created Her Fantasy Football.  A true niche in the fantasy football genre, in 2013, Her Fantasy Football burst onto the scene and has not looked back. Three sisters — Brandon Marianne Lee, Ashley Williams and Courtney Kirby — blend the fun of fantasy sports with the information and strategy so crucial to success. They have done an incredible job, and were selected as a finalist for the 2015 Fantasy Sports Writers Association Podcast of the Year award. Click to learn more or to subscribe.

Rating: 4.5/5.0


NFL Talking Heads Fantasy Football Podcast

Whether the fantasy season at hand is your first, fifth, or there’s been so many that you’ve lost count, Jeff (Carrier) and Seth (Lull) are the NFL Talking Heads that talk fantasy football.  The guys offer their draft strategies, transaction recommendations, and offer some statistics.  The NFL Talking Heads podcast is an informative show. Click to learn more or to subscribe.

Rating: 3.4/5.0


Pro Football Focus Fantasy Podcast

Pro Football Focus is considered one of the most widely-regarded sources of football information.  PFF, in podcast form, offers a number of features to aid listeners in making fantasy football decisions. From the latest news and player updates to looks at player performance and what that could mean for their success (or lack thereof), PFF has it all. Click to learn more or to subscribe.

Rating: 3.65/5.0

So, who has the best fantasy football advice?  Who has the best fantasy football podcast?  Only you can decide.  Check out the best fantasy football podcast from the list of ‘Best Fantasy Football Podcast with the Best Fantasy Football Advice” and find your winner!

Listen HERE for proof of the best fantasy football advice:

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